Chocolate Calzone

Calzone is stuffed with cream cheese and almonds.  Baked and served hot with a strawverry puree and chocolate sauce

Brandy marinated Inside Out Apple Crisp

A twist on the original.  Apple is cored and stuffed with cinnamon, cream cheese, oats, brandy and apples.  Served hot with vanilla ice cream

Key Lime Pie

A southern treat topped with a soft meringue

Fresh Berry Panna Cotta

Baked Italian eggless custard topped with fresh berry compote

Double Chocolate Brownie

Brownie with extra chunks of chocolate served with espresso ice cream

Sweet Potato Pie

A deilcious treat topped with a coriander whip cream 


Fresh homemade sorbets, Raspberry, Peach, Pineapple, or Mango

Deviled Chocolate Mousse

Spiced chocolate topped with a strawberry whip cream