We would be happy to prepare a customized menu for your special event.

Fresh Mozzeralla and Tomato Bruschetta
Amazing Balsamic Vinegar and mouth watering garlic stewed tomatoes, served over warm toasted baquette and topped with melted fresh mozzarella and basil

Cajun Shrimp Cocktail
Fresh, Lightly Blackend prawns with a marinara cocktail sauce.  

Steak Tartare
Russian originated appetizer of finely chopped beef, onions, herbs, eggs, parsley, capers, and pickles. Served with toast points. 

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings
Herb breaded chicken wings, baked and tossed with a delicious wing sauce.

Gorgonzola Fire Roasted Artichoke
Spicy fire roasted artichoke served with a melted gorgonzola sauce. 

Wild Mushroom and Crab Relleno
Mushroom and crab stuffed chilli peppers served with lemon, cilantro, parmesan cream, and fresh pico de gallo.

 Cheese and Fruit Plate
Assortment of cheeses served with crackers and fresh fruit.

Rosemary Flat Bread
Toasted Almonds on Toast Points
Grilled flat bread topped with fresh rosemary and served with a seasoned goat cheese.